Apartments and flats by the sea — the way to the dream of a beautiful life

The architecture of Cyprus has a unique atmosphere of unhurried Mediterranean life - these are bright, spacious houses and villas with landscaped gardens, swimming pools, large verandas, and cozy areas for recreation. Apartments in Cyprus, located by the sea, do not stand out from the canvas of tropical holidays — it is an ample comfortable space with views, ideal for tourist accommodation and permanent life as a family. Buying such an apartment is, first and foremost, an investment in a liquid property to diversify your assets and generate a stable passive income. About why it is attractive to investors, we will talk below.

Cyprus apartments and flats: features of local real estate

Traditionally Cyprus by the sea is located in real estate premium — luxury apartment complexes with a developed internal infrastructure, which may include a shared pool, park, walking area, barbecue area, stores and cafes, gym, and room for meditation and yoga.

But what are the apartments in Cyprus, and how do they differ, apart from being fashionable?

Each residential unit has a private parking space. The complex may include covered or uncovered parking with one parking space per apartment.

Many complexes also have storage rooms for residents, unique small spaces that can be accessed from the entrance, the parking lot, or the roof. In the storeroom, residents can store any of their household items.

How is the number of rooms counted in apartments in Cyprus? The number of bedrooms counts rooms. This is unusual for citizens of the former CIS countries, so you should understand that a 2-bedroom apartment in Cyprus is an apartment with a large living room, which is usually combined with the dining room and open-plan kitchen, and has two more bedrooms, that is, by our standards, it is a full-fledged two-bedroom apartment.

A veranda is an integral part of housing on the island. Any apartment by the sea in Cyprus will have at least one veranda. There may be more. There may also be a balcony where you can dry clothes after washing and store household items.

Another standard feature is water barrels and solar panels on the roofs of houses. This system saves you electricity when heating water in the homes. With 330 days of sunshine a year, you don't have to turn on the water heater for most of the year.

Also, keep in mind that on the island, the first floor is on the second level above the ground, as in most cases, the ground floor is uninhabitable — there is a front room, elevator, and storage room.

Variety of choices: what are the types of apartments in Cyprus

There are three types of apartments in Cyprus:

  • ordinary apartments;
  • duplex;
  • penthouse.

Ordinary apartments are any apartments on all floors other than the top floor.

Duplexes are two-storey apartments, in which case your apartment will have a staircase on two floors.

What is a penthouse? These are rooms on the top floor of a building with access to the roof. Previously, such rooms were technical, but over time their popularity for wealthy clients became apparent, and now this type of real estate is a luxury. It is a luxury apartment with a large area, often occupying the entire top floor space. There is private access to the roof with a private pool, jacuzzi, barbecue area, and landscaped garden.

Buying such an apartment by the sea in Cyprus will give you the walls and the overview of a luxurious 360° view of the sea and stunning sunsets on one side and the mountains on the other. SPM Real Estate specialists will help you choose and buy property in Cyprus, build your business model, and lead you by the hand from the beginning and selection of documents to the end of the agreement and obtaining ownership of the property.

Where to buy an apartment by the sea in Cyprus: an overview of regions

The cities of Cyprus are both similar and different. For example, Ayia Napa never sleeps because of parties. In Limassol, multi-million dollar business contracts are made, and in Paphos, you can relax your soul and enjoy nature.

Property prices in Cyprus vary depending on the region. In Limassol and the capital of Nicosia, prices are the highest, and in Paphos, Larnaca, Polis, and other cities, the cost can be up to 40% lower.

But where better to buy an apartment in Cyprus, and where is the best sea?

Limassol is the country's business hub and the second-largest city. It has the largest Russian-speaking diaspora on the island — about 50,000 people. It is also one of the most popular resorts with fashionable hotels and luxury real estate, which is always in demand.

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, the center of business and commerce, and a business city. It is the only settlement that has no access to the sea. That's why there are almost no tourists here, but relocators and business people whose offices are based in the capital come here.

Larnaca is one of the popular resorts. It is a quiet, peaceful city with a perfect sea and a long promenade. There are a lot of tourists here, but life flows in a measured way. Ideal for families or living with children. The city is being renovated and expanded, constructing a new marina and a significant technological port. For this reason, apartments in Larnaca in the waterfront area are selling like hotcakes.

Paphos is a tranquil, fashionable resort with unforgettable natural views. It is quiet and peaceful. There are no high-rise skyscrapers, so nothing obscures the beautiful view of the sea and mountains. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it contains historical monuments, ancient architecture, and excavations.

Ayia Napa is the loudest, most youthful, and most partying. It is called «Cyprus Ibiza». There are beautiful beaches — the most beautiful on the whole island. Many bars, discos, and nightclubs. If you need to rent an apartment in Cyprus by the sea, from here — the rent is very popular, as the flow of tourists does not dry up during the high season.

If you need to buy apartments in Cyprus for yourself or a future lease, our experts will help you find the best city where you can count on a high rate of ROI.

How much is an apartment near the sea in Cyprus: the price of apartments

When investing in real estate in Cyprus, you get housing, permanent residence in a European country, a warm climate, a clean environment, plenty of sunshine, a stable economy, and low tax rates. In most cases, investments are attractive, starting with 300 000 euros, as investing that amount in real estate, investors can immediately qualify for a residence permit in Cyprus under the accelerated procedure Fast-Track, which usually takes no more than 2 months. Therefore, real estate worth 300,000 or more is of interest for this purpose.

The price of apartments in Cyprus can vary, but the best options that do not require additional investments are apartments from the primary market, often costing 150,000 euros. There are cheaper options, but they usually need some refinement. The maximum cost is almost unlimited and can reach several million. It is highly comfortable housing with CCTV, underfloor heating, a concierge, a private pool, and other services.

When it's better to buy an apartment at sea: analysis of seasonal demand in Cyprus

The high season on the island lasts from May to October — during this time, the air temperature rises to 30 degrees, and the water temperature — is 24-26. However, many tourists begin to arrive in April because even at this time, it is already possible to swim and sunbathe on the beach. Those with a suitable water temperature of 23-24 degrees will rest in November, as rains and intense cold do not mark this period — the evenings are excellent, but the days are warm, and the open sun is even getting hot.

During the high season, there is an extremely high demand for rental housing. At this time, it isn't easy to find a free home for a short or long vacation. For this reason, and challenging to buy an apartment in Cyprus from the secondary market. Therefore, when purchasing a property already in use, it is better to count on the off-season when demand is not as high, and there are free options on the market.

Suppose we are talking about new property, especially one under construction. In that case, seasonality does not matter, and you can buy property in Cyprus at any time, and SPM Real Estate specialists will help you with that.

How to choose an apartment by the sea to live with children?

Living with children imposes specific requirements on real estate — the apartment must be safe from a technical point of view, near the infrastructure, and in a quiet city, which will not disturb the children with unnecessary noise.

What apartment in Cyprus to choose to live with children:

  • City: Paphos and Larnaca are ideal for children, as they are quiet cities with many beaches, developed infrastructure, schools, gardens, parks, and hospitals. Small villages like Polis, Protaras, and Paralimni are also tranquil but do not have such developed schools and hospitals. And in Limassol and Ayia Napa can be too noisy and bustling, which is not very comfortable for small children.
  • Infrastructure: choose an apartment with critical infrastructure within walking distance or close to the car. Pay attention to the supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, kindergarten, and school nearby.
  • Safety: staircase railings, porches, and balconies should be safe for children, and limited access to the pool.
  • Location: apartments by the sea usually satisfy all these requirements, as in a tourist area, where there is usually a significantly developed infrastructure, you can also arrange the city center, but then you have to get to the beach by car.

Residential property in Cyprus: what objects you can buy and their advantages

In addition to apartments in Cyprus, you can also buy the following residential property:

  • Villas are detached houses with plots where you can have a private pool, garden, and barbecue area, and they are in high demand for rent and are comfortable to live in.
  • Semi-detached villas — a similar facility in which two separate villas are combined and share a single wall. Still, except for the common border, everything else is private, considering the plot and the attic.
  • Townhouses are a particular type of urban housing that combines features of an apartment and a house; they are usually one or two stories, with neighboring dwellings only to your sides, and the entrance for each one is separate.

You can also buy such commercial real estate:

  • shopping centers and entertainment complexes;
  • stores, boutiques, and retail outlets;
  • restaurants, cafes, taverns, bars, and pubs;
  • office buildings, co-working spaces, and work hubs;
  • medical centers, clinics, wellness centers;
  • schools and kindergartens.

When investing in real estate, SPM Real Estate specialists will conduct a full-scale analysis of the market and competitors, forecast, and create an individual business model for you.


Where is the best place to live by the sea?

Living by the sea means beautiful sunsets, clean sea air, and sunshine. Cyprus is ideal for life by the sea. Real estate on the first line is represented by villas and apartment complexes that offer comfortable living conditions. If you want to buy a house by the sea and the beach, you can choose any city on the island: Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Protaras, Polis, or Ayia Napa.

What area of Cyprus is better to live in?

Cyprus is a comfortable island with perfect roads, recognized as some of the best in Europe. Getting from one region to another is not difficult, as the island is small and the road to any locality, even the most remote, will take no more than 2 hours. Therefore, any region will be comfortable to live in. The only difference is the capital Nicosia — the only city in Cyprus with no sea access.

What is the difference between a penthouse and an apartment?

There is no fundamental difference between a penthouse and an apartment. A penthouse is the same apartment, but it is located exclusively on the top floor of a building. It usually has a large area and a high level of comfort.

How is a duplex different from a penthouse?

A penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of a building, most often occupying an entire floor and often having access to the roof. A duplex is a two-level apartment that can be located on any two floors of a building.

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