Selected projects

The most prestigious and expensive housing in Cyprus. 17 apartments in the luxury house right on the beach.

Region Limassol
Covered area 164 - 350 sqm
Floors 11
Price from € 2.5 million

A unique restaurant-club on the 2 top floors of a skyscraper used for aristocratic European parties.

Region Nicosia
Covered area 12 000 sqm
Floors 34
Expected ROI 6%
Price € 11 million

The first innovation hub in the cultural capital of Cyprus: Google type service offices with wide range of facilities.

Region Paphos
Covered area 12 000 sqm
Floors 4
Expected ROI 11%
Price € 10 million

Investment in real estate in Cyprus

SPM Real Estate offers effective investment solutions in each case. We create a business model, analyze the market and competitors, build a forecast, and develop a procedure for achieving the financial goal. Look at our completed projects to see our expertise in solving clients' investment questions.

Effective investments in real estate in Cyprus

Cyprus provides some of the best conditions for buying an investment property. About 1000 new companies are registered in the country yearly, almost 4 million tourists visit the island annually, the number of annual real estate dealsis in the tens of thousands, and the best developers are building new luxury complexes tirelessly.

What you get by investing in real estate in Cyprus:

  • liquid object, the price of which in a few years will increase significantly, because stable price growth has been observed for 3 years in a row;
  • return on investment of an average of 8% per annum, depending on the object, an ROI of up to 18%;
  • optimization of taxation due to one of the most favorable tax systems in Europe;
  • passive income by renting the property;
  • getting a permanent residence permit — if you buy a property for €300,000, you will get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus through an accelerated procedure, starting from 2 months. After 7 years, you can become a citizen of the country;
  • the country is a member of the European Union member of the Eurozone, and is governed by the British legal system, which ensures a high standard of living;
  • living in a safe and environmentally friendly country - the island is the 5th safest in the world, the 4th cleanest in the world, and a suitable environment for living with children.

Features of the choice of real estate for investment

When buying a ready-made business in Cyprus, it is easy to assess its investment efficiency because it has been in operation for some time, brings profit, and has a stable customer base.

However, when starting a new business, you need to build a fundamental business model, calculate the risks, and make realistic forecasts to help you understand whether your business will be profitable.

When choosing a location, you have to consider the specifics of each city or district because the demand for one service or another depends on it. For example, hotels and restaurants are in order on the tourist promenade, but offices and co-working spaces are better located in central areas of the city.

For investment suitable for most real estate on the island, which are represented by the following types:

  • Residential real estate: villas and bungalows, houses, townhouses, residences, apartments, and apartments. The constant flow of tourists and relocants to Cyprus keeps the demand for residential properties of all classes high.
  • Commercial: apartment hotels, hotels, office space (Class A and Class B business centers, co-working hubs), restaurants, retail outlets and stores, buildings, warehouses, and rental units. The popularity of Cyprus as an international hub with attractive living and business conditions creates an undying demand for virtually any commercial property.

However, a high return on investment depends on initial conditions and fundamental approach — market analysis, competitor products, risk calculation, and the most realistic situations. SPM Real Estate specialists have lived on the island for more than 10 years, so they can help you choose the best location for your business, conduct a full-scale analysis and create a customized business model for you.

What investment property can I buy in Cyprus?

Commercial real estate in Cyprus, interesting for investment, is represented by the following objects:

  • office space, co-working spaces, innovation hubs;
  • stores, shopping malls;
  • cafes, restaurants;
  • hotels and apart-hotels;
  • medical clinics;
  • nursing homes;
  • kindergartens and schools.

You can also buy residential real estate, which is represented by objects:

  • apartments — these are apartments in apartment complexes, most often including 1 to 3 bedrooms;
  • townhouses — are apartment buildings, but each dwelling has its entrance from the street and is connected with its neighbors only by two side walls;
  • villas — these are detached houses, often on 2 floors, with their territory, private pool, and recreation area;
  • semi-detached villas — this type is similar to a townhouse, but the difference is that there can only be two owners in the house, each apartment has a separate entrance, and with the neighbor in common, only one wall.

In which city in Cyprus to buy an investment property?

Buying real estate may have specifics in different island cities, as their community and focus differ.


The country's business hub, the center of IT life, a popular resort, and the second-largest city on the island. It's very lively. Both premium and budget real estate are based here. Prices are half as much as in other regions of Cyprus. Usually, the premium class is located closer to the waterfront, where the tourist and business flows are concentrated.


The capital and center of business life, an excellent business environment for local and foreign companies. The business community is as welcome as Limassol, and therefore prices here are also about 40% higher than in the rest of the country. However, there is no access to the sea, which makes the city attractive to expats but not tourists.


A developing IT community with excellent prospects. The best business centers here are not located on the beach, but in the city center. It is also a fashionable resort, one of the best on the island. And the sunsets in the region are recognized as some of the most beautiful in the world. Paphos real estate corresponds to high international standards.


Previously it was the quietest, strictly family resort, but now it is gradually becoming a haven for foreign companies and relocants. Today there are already a lot of commercial buildings and new residential real estate. The advantage of the city is the proximity of the airport and the presence of the marina and port.

Ayia Napa

A popular resort with some of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus and Europe, marked with the blue flag. Many people call it the «Ibiza» of Cyprus. There is a massive layer of tourists, entertainment, and «vacation» services. Tourist real estate in Ayia Napa is in great demand.

SPM Real Estate will help you choose the best city for your company or determine the property's profitability in each of the towns on the island.

Contact SPM Real Estate and buy Cyprus real estate to make your dream of a beautiful life come true!

SPM Real Estate — your most valuable contact in Cyprus.

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