Selected projects

Boutique hotel with 24 rooms with panoramic sea views and a rooftop service terrace

Region Paphos
Covered area 720 sqm
Floors 5
Expected ROI 9%
Price 5 million

The most prestigious and expensive housing in Cyprus. 17 apartments in the luxury house right on the beach.

Region Limassol
Covered area 164 - 350 sqm
Floors 11
Price from € 2.5 million

A unique restaurant-club on the 2 top floors of a skyscraper used for aristocratic European parties.

Region Nicosia
Covered area 12 000 sqm
Floors 34
Expected ROI 6%
Price € 11 million

Club house in the financial and business center of the island. Good facilities, convenient location.

Region Limassol
Covered area 81 - 204 sqm
Floors 10
Price from € 280 thousand

Apart-hotel with 100 rooms and wide range of facilities in the tourist center.

Region Paphos
Covered area 3 160 sqm
Floors 5
Expected ROI 8%
Price € 12 million
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