Apartments in Limassol — luxury real estate in the brightest city of Cyprus

Real estate in Limassol is liquid and profitable due to the high popularity of the city among tourists, relocators, and foreign and local businesses. Limassol is the country's business center and has absorbed most of the investment arteries of the island. In Cyprus, the migratory population growth outpaces the natural increase by 2,000 people a year, which in recent times is due to the economic crisis of other countries and favorable conditions for business, and a high standard of living in Cyprus.

Active development of the country, particularly the city of Limassol. Apartments in apartment buildings — one of the most common types of housing, which is acquired for living and investment purposes, as stable growth in property market prices over the past 3 years in a row predicts a further increase in liquidity and profitability of renting apartments in Limassol proved a clear apartment — now demand for housing exceeds the market offers.

Limassol attracts its business environment, tourism, fashionable hotels, developed infrastructure, and network of services. And also, there is the largest Russian-speaking diaspora on the island allowing the natives of the CIS countries to adapt to the new country quickly. The city is large by local standards and developed, with many institutions, entertainment, concerts, festivals, and parties. But what is so special about apartments in Cyprus, and why are they worth buying?

What to look for when choosing an apartment in Limassol?

Real estate in Cyprus is different from real estate in other countries. There is a traditional Greek style with light and white tones inside and out, rectangular structures, no triangular roofs, large windows, and spacious verandas where you can watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee.

Features of apartments in Cyprus:

  • the number of rooms is usually counted by bedrooms (a 2-bedroom apartment is 2 bedrooms plus a living room);
  • large open-plan living rooms combined with the dining area and kitchen;
  • the number of bathrooms is usually equal to the number of bedrooms;
  • veranda or a spacious balcony is mandatory. The number can be more;
  • large sliding windows, often panoramic, throughout the wall;
  • parking lot in front of each apartment building, where 1 space per 1 apartment;
  • the complex of flats may also be attached to a common swimming pool, recreation, barbecue area, and landscaped garden.

Usually, the best apartments in Cyprus are located on the first or second coastline in the city's tourist area. Such apartments are very well leased, but you should understand that for your residence, such a location may not be quite convenient because the tourist seafront is full of restaurants, bars, cafes, and entertainment, but schools, kindergartens, hospitals may be located far enough away by local standards. Having a car solves most logistics issues very quickly, as you can get to any point on the map within the city in 10-15 minutes at most.

Buying apartments in Limassol, even for life, you are not just purchasing a wall but investing in assets, such as selling apartments in Cyprus — a profitable business with a yearly increase in the return on investment percentage.

SPM Real Estate specialists will help you buy an apartment in Limassol in Cyprus, select the best object to your individual goals and wishes, and optionally calculate the business model in the case of investment.

How much is an apartment in Limassol: prices for apartments

Prices in the country's business center are among the highest — up to 40% higher than in Paphos, Larnaca, or other smaller cities. How many apartments in Limassol cost are provoked by the increased demand? However, the number of proposals is much more than in other regions, so you can find studio apartments, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, penthouses (apartments on the top floor of the building with their entrance to the roof), and duplexes (duplex housing). Therefore the range of prices for apartments in Limassol is extensive.

Our catalog of prices for apartments in Limassol, Cyprus, starts from 160,000 euros and can reach more than 10 million euros for a single housing unit. You have more than 90 offers of properties to suit all needs and tastes.

What time of year is better to buy an apartment in Limassol?

Buying property in Cyprus during the high summer season, you may face a lack of choice in the market. This is because most properties are rented for the short term during the tourist influx. However, this rule applies only to secondary property, which already has an owner running a rental business.

Let's talk about the primary property in Cyprus. It is not subject to seasonality, construction takes place at any time of year, and the object can be bought at any stage of construction — at the level of the foundation pit price is minimum and at the location of the completed business — maximum and also takes into account the success of the project, payback period and the expected ROI.

Contact us when you decide to buy an apartment in Cyprus. We work directly with developers and do not charge you for our services — you pay only the price of the apartment to the developer.

What makes Limassol attractive for life and business?

Buying an apartment in Limassol can get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus. Permanent residence can be obtained by investing in real estate worth 300,000 euros plus VAT. The appointment takes place on an accelerated program. In about 2 months, you and your immediate family (marriage partner, parents of both spouses and their children) will become holders of permanent residency in Cyprus through an investment in real estate.

Life in Limassol opens up a new side of life — a measured rhythm, plenty of sunshine, fresh sea air, a long beach season, and a high standard of living and safety. This city is suitable for family living, the Russian-speaking population is easy to adapt to, and there are Russian and English schools, Russian-language kindergartens, and quality universities. Almost any store or service facility will serve you in your native language and provide quality service.

Limassol is attractive to businesses due to its rapid development and active business environment. The city is being developed with office spaces: business centers, classic class-A offices, creative offices, co-working spaces, and innovative hubs. Such areas for work are very much in demand because there is a massive relocation of people and the business environment from other countries to the island and this particular city.

Entrepreneurs choose Cyprus to relocate their companies mainly because of tax optimization, a stable developing economy, and the feeling of a «safe haven» for their money. Taxes in Cyprus are among the lowest in Europe, which allows for optimization costs and not giving half of the profits, as often happens in other countries. Here the corporate tax is only 12.5%, and technology companies under the IP-box program can pay taxes at a rate of 2.5%.

Other types of residential property in Cyprus

In addition to apartments in Limassol and Cyprus, you can buy other residential properties:

  • private houses;
  • villas;
  • semi-detached villas;
  • townhouses.

Each of these objects is comfortable and in demand.

Investment in commercial real estate in Cyprus is justified:

  • offices;
  • stores and shopping centers;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • hotels and apart-hotels.

Also now developing a business based on the social sphere and the construction and order of the following facilities:

  • schools;
  • kindergartens;
  • nursing homes;
  • medical clinics;
  • wellness centers.

When investing in real estate, SPM Real Estate specialists will conduct a full-scale analysis of the market and competitors, forecast, and create an individual business model for you.


What are the benefits of buying an apartment in Cyprus?

When you buy an apartment in Cyprus, you also acquire the following:

  • permanent residence permit of the country;
  • profitable and liquid real estate;
  • a high standard of living;
  • the opportunity to receive a passive income.

What do I need to know when buying property in Cyprus?

When buying property in Cyprus, you should know the following:

  • primary properties are usually less expensive than properties in need of renovation;
  • if the investment exceeds 300,000 euros, you get a permanent residence in Cyprus;
  • the first property up to 200 m is not taxed;
  • high profitability in the high season;
  • to buy the property, you need your passport and a document proving the origin of funds.

Which area of Limassol is better to live in?

Limassol is generally comfortable to live in. The choice of an area depends on personal preferences:

  • if you love historical places, you can choose the area of Old Town with its ancient architecture;
  • if there is a desire to live near the park within walking distance, the choice falls on the Central district;
  • the most developed infrastructure in the Neapolis neighborhood;
  • in the Germasoyia neighborhood, where there are a significant number of private homes surrounded by a landscaped garden, there is plenty of greenery and tranquility;
  • the area of Amathus can probably be considered the best - quiet, prestigious, luxurious, with beautiful landscapes and by the sea.

Contact SPM Real Estate and buy Cyprus real estate to make your dream of a beautiful life come true!

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