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Ayia Napa evokes different feelings but positive ones. It is a small resort town, quiet in winter and loud in summer when it is flooded by hundreds of thousands of tourists coming from all over the world to relax in «Cyprus Ibiza». This is why real estate in Ayia Napa is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off and bring a steady passive income. But if we talk about apartments, do they have any distinctive features, and how big is the demand for apartments? Now we are going to look into this together.

Who is suited to life in Ayia Napa: the distinctive features of the city

Ayia Napa is a city southeast of Cyprus, famous for its perfect golden sand beaches and clear azure waters. It is one of the most popular resorts on the island. Only about 3,000 locals live here permanently, primarily employed in the tourism sector. However, the city receives more than 700,000 tourists a year, with 175 hotels with a total capacity of about 30,000 people. According to statistics, this small resort receives 30% of all tourists who come to the island to relax. Of course, such a flow provokes a tremendous demand for rental properties, due to which apartments in Ayia Napa are profitable.

The resort is known for its parties, discos, and clubs. Nightlife in Ayia Napa is very rough — the city does not sleep all night. The whole promenade is dotted with entertainment venues and dance floors. Therefore, the village's main contingent is young people who love to party. At this resort, you will rarely meet a couple or older adults, as for them, life and recreation here are too noisy and active.

The most significant number of festivals is also here. Many restaurants in Ayia Napa offer fine food and traditional Cypriot cuisine, where you can find meat meze and the freshest seafood.

But, of course, the jewel of Ayia Napa is its golden beaches and secluded coves. There are 27 beaches, and half have the prestigious «Blue Flag» award, which means they are ideal for recreation, entertainment, and bathing.  Be sure to visit Nissi Beach, Cape Kavo Greco. Note: Nissi Beach is recognized as the best in Europe, and Makronissos beach — is the best in Greece and Cyprus.

By the way, Ayia Napa was awarded the international flag of investment and innovation attractiveness, «Flag of Europe» — the city has big ambitions and is rapidly developing.

However, if we talk about life in this resort, you should understand that the place is noisy and partying, there are a lot of tourists in summer, and an almost complete lull in winter. This brings variety but is not always suitable for living with children or a holiday after retirement.

But to buy an apartment in Ayia Napa — is profitable in terms of investment, as the influx of tourists every year is only increasing.

We will help make the deal and choose the best apartments in Cyprus. In the meantime, let's talk about the characteristics of real estate in Cyprus.

What apartments you can buy in Ayia Napa: types of properties

The most popular apartments in Ayia Napa are apartments by the sea. Usually, it is the most respectable and demanded real estate with beautiful views and developed infrastructure. The local population mainly inhabits the center and outskirts, and investors prefer to buy property in Cyprus on the coastline.

Apartments in Ayia Napa can be located in several types of complexes:

  • apartment complex;
  • mixed-use complex with villas and apartments;
  • apart-hotels.

An apartment complex is a multi-storey building with several apartments on each floor. The complex often has a communal pool, a recreation and barbecue area, and a playground.

A mixed-use complex includes a building with apartments and detached villas, townhouses, or adjacent villas. In addition to the above infrastructure, there may also be a restaurant, cafe, store, and gym.

Aparthotel is a complex of elite apartments which provide service as in a high-class hotel, which includes cleaning, cooking and ordering food, and other related services.

Also, in Cyprus are three traditional types of apartments, each of which can be found in Ayia Napa are:

  • ordinary apartments;
  • duplexes;
  • penthouses.

In the first case, we have an ordinary apartment. Duplexes are multi-level apartments in multi-storey complexes. And a penthouse is a large apartment on the top floor of a building with access to the roof, where you will have your own private sitting area and swimming pool.

Distinctive features of apartments in Cyprus:

  • bedrooms count roominess;
  • a parking space is provided for each apartment;
  • often there is a storage room attached to the apartment;
  • large verandas;
  • solar panels on the roof to heat water.

Our experts will help you choose any housing you are interested in and calculate its profitability.

How much is an apartment by the sea in Ayia Napa: the price of apartments

Buying an apartment in Cyprus, you may be surprised to note that the price for similar properties varies greatly, especially if you look at different cities and regions. Price is made up of many criteria, which form the final cost. For example, apartments by the sea will cost more because of the first coastline and beautiful views. It also considers the infrastructure, the business model's success, the quality of finishes, and more.

Most apartments in Ayia Napa start at 200,000 euros, although you can find properties even cheaper. However, experts at SPM Real Estate recommend buying property in Cyprus to consider 300,000 euros because when investing that amount, you can immediately qualify for permanent residence in Cyprus under the accelerated procedure.

The maximum price for apartments is not limited to the upper limit and can reach 2 million euros or more.

What to look for when choosing an apartment?

In SPM Real Estate, you will not find any property of poor quality or one with an ROI below 8%. We offer upscale properties with high investment potential. However, the equipment of the apartments may vary.

Here's what to look out for before buying an apartment in Cyprus:

  • City: Ayia Napa is noisy and partying. Real estate here is excellent for investment due to the high demand of tourists to rent an apartment by the sea, but to live here permanently may not be entirely comfortable if you prefer peace.
  • Location: housing by the sea is more expensive, but with beautiful views and proximity to beaches, accommodation in the center may be closer to the necessary infrastructure — schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and offices.
  • Floors: panoramic windows are more pleasing to the views from the second and third floors.
  • Infrastructure: there should be stores and restaurants, pharmacies and markets nearby.

Property in Cyprus: what objects you can buy and what city to choose

You can buy real estate for living and investment in the following cities of Cyprus:

  • Nicosia — the capital, and business center, has a high demand for rentals from expats and business people who have relocated to the island.
  • Limassol — is the second largest city, a popular luxury resort, and the heart of business on the island, it has the largest Russian-speaking diaspora, and renting is of interest to relocators and tourists.
  • Paphos is the historical center, the cultural capital of Europe, and a fashionable resort with a measured rhythm of life and the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.
  • Larnaca — a popular resort for a quiet family vacation, the most ancient city of Cyprus, the air gateway of the country, the business sector is beginning to develop.
  • The small towns of Polis, Paralimni, and Protaras are quiet and untamed resorts where you can rest your soul and admire the stunning nature.

What kind of real estate for life you can buy on the island:

  • apartments;
  • villas;
  • semi-detached villas;
  • townhouses.

Cyprus is ideal for living and investing. It has a stable economy, low tax rates, and a high standard of living. And also the beautiful nature, plenty of sunshine, a quiet, transparent sea and a clean environment. SPM Real Estate specialists will help you choose exactly what suits you best.


Where is the best place to live in Ayia Napa?

Ayia Napa is a comfortable city in every way. The best places to live are the coastal areas, where comfortable luxury real estate is located. There is a developed infrastructure, a lot of stores, and pharmacies. Major stores and boutiques are located in the center, but due to the small size of the city, to get there very quickly.

What is the sea like in Cyprus in Ayia Napa?

The Mediterranean Sea washes the golden beaches of Ayia Napa. It is hot, and the water temperature can reach 28 degrees in summer and rarely drops to 18-20 degrees in winter. The water is clean and clear, azure, and very salty.

What can I buy in Cyprus in Ayia Napa?

In Cyprus, in Ayia Napa, you can buy any property: apartments, villas, townhouses, and mixed-use complexes. Also, here are traditional Cypriot souvenirs: lefkara lace, leather goods, Cypriot silverware, traditional local coffee, halloumi cheese, and the legendary wine Komandaria.

Contact SPM Real Estate and buy Cyprus real estate to make your dream of a beautiful life come true!

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