Residential real estate in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is called the second Ibiza. This is one of the most popular European resorts in the Mediterranean. The tourist flow during the beach season, which lasts from May through October, is the largest in all of Cyprus. Therefore, residential real estate in Ayia Napa is in great rental demand for most of the year. What's more, the resort is currently rapidly developing and improving its infrastructure to maintain an active pace of life even in winter.

If you are looking to buy real estate in Cyprus, then Ayia Napa can be a gem that will delight you with a bright holiday in the summer, passive rental income and a mild warm climate in the winter if you choose to spend the winter on the island.

Peculiarities of the city of Ayia Napa

The resort is very vivid and active from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Local beaches are considered the best ones in Europe — they have perfect golden sand, clear and transparent sky-blue water, the warmest sea in all of Cyprus, a smooth low-sloped descent into the sea, which is perfect for children, a very developed tourist infrastructure, and a variety of beach activities. Most of the beaches in Ayia Napa have been awarded the Blue Flag award — this status is awarded only to the best beaches, which are evaluated based on the quality of sand, water, infrastructure, and cleanliness of the environment.

The city of Ayia Napa is small, and its indigenous population is only about 3 thousand people. Most of the local Cypriots are engaged in the tourism industry and provide an unforgettable experience for visiting travellers.

In the summer, the resort is very bright, vivid, filled with youth, and wide awake around the clock. It is called the capital of discos since the nightlife in Ayia Napa is percolating with numerous nightclubs. Parties usually take place on street dance floors. Therefore, at night it seems that the entire Ayia Napa is wide awake.

However, in the winter, Ayia Napa seems to become deserted. The tourist flow reduces to almost zero, bars and clubs stop working. Winter lasts from November to April, but it does not mean the onset of cold weather. Daytime temperatures rarely drop below 20°C. The weather is mild, humid, and warm, yet the sea is not warm enough for swimming. Nevertheless, it is pleasure spending the winter here — you can bask in the sun, breathe clean air, walk on deserted beaches, enjoy solitude, wander through historical places, and get acquainted with the ancient history of the city.

Therefore, if you buy real estate in Ayia Napa in Cyprus, you can rent it out in the summer thereby obtaining a good monthly passive income, and live in your flat or villa in the winter enjoying peace and calmness, because here you will see no dirty puddles and fallen leaves or several day-long hopeless grey sky — it rains often in winter, yet the rains are short and followed by long sunny intervals.

Ayia Napa will be a great city to live in if you like parties, holidays, and the noise of the night city. It is very expressive and interesting. However, this lifestyle may not be suitable for families with children.

Festivals are a unique feature of Ayia Napa. The city hosts the largest number of festivals in Cyprus! Events vary greatly — from flower festivals to church, medieval, traditional Cypriot, and handicraft festivals. Here, you will get to know the culture and live a full and interesting life.

Choosing residential real estate in Ayia Napa

The sale of real estate in Ayia Napa is now rapidly developing in Cyprus. The emergence of the marina has become not just a pier for yachts and boats but also an impetus for the construction of a new compound directly by the marina, where you can admire beautiful seascapes with dozens of snow-white yachts on the horizon right out of your windows every day. Apartments in Ayia Napa by the marina are in high demand and let you plunge into the luxurious Mediterranean life.

Types of residential real estate in Ayia Napa:

  • apartments;
  • studio flats;
  • villas;
  • adjoining villas;
  • townhouses.

Villas in Ayia Napa are constructed in compounds ranging from 4–5 to several dozen properties in one compound. In some cases, villas form a part of the same compound with a multiunit residential building or buildings. With adjoining villas, which have one shared wall, you can save some money on the sales price, while getting all the advantages of living in your own mansion — you will have a private garden space, leisure and a barbecue area. Some also include a swimming pool option.

Most of the properties are located close to the marina and city beaches. With a flat in this location, you will always find tourists who want to rent lodging in Ayia Napa, should you choose to rent it out. If you want to live there yourself, you will always be very close to all of the city's infrastructure while enjoying panoramic views out of your large windows.

There is no significant difference between apartments and villas, other than your personal preferences.

Price of real estate in Ayia Napa: what does it depend on?

Real estate in the city varies, yet its price may not differ much – some flats are more expensive than villas, and there are relatively affordable villas. However, it is usually cheaper to buy a flat in Ayia Napa than in other cities in Cyprus, as the price tag in Limassol and Paphos can be 40–50% higher.

What makes up the price of real estate?

  • distance from the sea — the price gets higher as you approach the sea;
  • lodging area;
  • adjacent territory and landscaping;
  • infrastructure of the compound;
  • quality of construction and finishing materials;
  • purchase during the construction phase or as a finished property.

Therefore, if you want to buy housing in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, consider these aspects. Also, keep in mind that maintenance of the housing will require certain expenses — cleaning of the territory and swimming pool, watering of the lawns and gardens, gardener and cleaner services. You can take care of this maintenance yourself or delegate it to a management company.

When it comes to flats in Ayia Napa, maintenance will be easier — all services are undertaken by the building management, which will regularly send you a bill for services.

Bonuses derived from buying real estate in Ayia Napa

Investing in Cyprus real estate and buying a villa or flat in Ayia Napa offers several advantages:

  • optimisation of taxes, because the country has a very mild tax climate and one of the lowest tax rates (only 12.5%);
  • high rate of return on investment — the real estate market and demand for it are growing, which enables getting a good ROI;
  • life in a safe country — the island is the 5th safest place in the world, there is virtually no crime, and even petty theft is rare;
  • high standard of living — the country is a member of the European Union and Eurozone and is governed by the British legal system, ensuring a high level of life for its residents;
  • obtaining permanent resident status in Cyprus for a real estate purchase of EUR 300,000 or more under the accelerated procedure (from 2 months). Permanent resident status applies to you, your spouse, your children, and your parents. Furthermore, the permanent resident status in Cyprus is also the permanent residency of the European Union with all its advantages. 7 years after obtaining the status, you can become a citizen of the country.

Other types of real estate to buy in Cyprus

In addition to residential real estate in Ayia Napa, you can buy efficient commercial real estate in Cyprus:

  • stores;
  • offices, co-working spaces, and innovation hubs;
  • shopping and business and entertainment centres;
  • cafes, restaurants;
  • hotels and aparthotels;
  • medical clinics;
  • kindergartens and schools.

Depending on your life and business goals, our experts will help you choose the best real estate for investment.

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