Semi-detached villas in Cyprus

Buying real estate in Cyprus contributes to a beautiful and happy life and allows for diversifying assets and earning income since real estate on the island has high liquidity.

Semi-detached villas are among the most interesting types of real estate in Cyprus. Such houses are more affordable than detached villas, yet they have almost all the advantages of the latter and are suitable both for permanent residence and rental to generate passive income.

What is an semi-detached villa?

A semi-detached villa is a house with two families living in it, each having its own half of the building with a private entrance from the street. One shared wall separates two lodgings. The roof can be shared or separate, and the land plot is always private for each owner. The area of the plot varies depending on the cost of the house, so it can be either small and suitable only for a leisure area, barbecue, and a terrace, or more spacious with your own private swimming pool.

If your adjoining villa has a small plot, then the swimming pool and other infrastructure (playground, leisure area, barbecue, gym, etc.) can be shared and located within the compound territory.

This type of property has at least 2 bedrooms, and the number of floors can range from 1 to 3, but most often, the building is 2-storey.

The advantage of buying semi-detached villas: they include the main features of a detached house, which is how they differ from townhouses since the latter have both side walls adjacent to the neighbours' houses. You will also have your own territory, which you can arrange as you will. This being said, the price is lower than the cost of detached villas of a similar class.

In addition, you will definitely have a parking lot, yet the number of parking spots depends on the plot and building area (usually 1-2 parking spots).

Such a villa can be located on the seashore or in a cosy village on a hillside, which will ensure guaranteed beautiful panoramic views out of your windows throughout the year.

What will you get after buying a semi-detached villa in Cyprus?

Investments in real estate in Cyprus are popular among our clients for several reasons:

  • purchase of a real estate for living;
  • acquiring permanent resident status;
  • commercial purposes.

Such financial investments are popular on the island since the properties are naturally liquid (the price on the market is steadily increasing) and have a rather high ROI (on average from 8% per annum).

Even by purchasing lodging for living, you can gain a stable profit, for example, by renting out your villa in Cyprus to tourists during the high season that lasts from April to November. During other times, you can live in your house and enjoy the sun even in winter, because the island has 330 sunny days per year.

However, most of our clients prefer permanent residency with their family, as life on the island in your own home is good for your sense of joy, home comfort, and raising children.

Buying a semi-detached villa in Cyprus provides the following options:

  • moving to the island with continuous warmth, lots of sun, a clean environment, and high-quality food;
  • safety and high-quality medicine;
  • year-round vacation in a villa by the sea;
  • beautiful nature and life in a perfect place where you can make your dreams come true.

You can easily buy any type of real estate in Cyprus. SPM Real Estate specialists will help you choose the best semi-detached villa that meets your needs.

The best city in Cyprus to buy a semi-detached villa

SPM Real Estate offers to buy real estate in all regions and cities of southern Cyprus, namely:

  • Limassol;
  • Paphos;
  • Larnaca;
  • Ayia Napa;
  • Polis;
  • Nicosia;
  • Paralimni;
  • Protaras.

Each city is special in its own way; thus, it is very easy to find a region to your liking.

Nicosia is the capital city located in the centre of the island and has no access to the sea. It is a business centre where companies and corporations are based. The city infrastructure is developing rapidly and new parks and leisure areas are emerging, yet it will take about an hour to get to the sea. The capital city is perfect for those who work in this city and value their time.

Limassol is a large business centre with many offices of large companies. Most of its population are Russian-speaking expatriates who work in relocated companies. However, in addition to the business centre, it is also an upscale resort with a fancy marina, many luxury hotels, and various marine entertainments.

Paphos, on the other hand, is shrouded in the mysterious atmosphere of ancient times, as it is the oldest city in Cyprus – it was founded over 2 thousand years ago. The legend has it that it was from the coastal waters of Paphos that the goddess Aphrodite came to her beloved Adonis. There are many historical sites, royal tombs, museums, and archaeological sites... Thanks to the abundance of ancient artefacts, the entire city is included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. However, it does not mean that history is the only thing that Paphos can offer. Every year, more and more businesses relocate here, the IT community is actively developing, and it is also one of the most luxurious resorts in Cyprus.

Depending on your life and business goals, our specialists will help you choose the best real estate for investment in Cyprus, as well as advise you on the specifics of other cities, regions, and villages.

The cost of a semi-detached villa in Cyprus

Prices for real estate in Cyprus vary depending on many factors. The cost of a house in Cyprus, namely a semi-detached villa, will depend on the city, the specific location (usually it is more expensive to buy real estate on the front coastline), the number of rooms, infrastructure included in the cost, land plot area, quality of materials, availability of furniture and appliances, and the developer.

The cost of a semi-detached villa in Cyprus can vary greatly, yet is usually lower than the cost of a detached house of the same class. Most of our clients purchase real estate worth at least EUR 300,000. This is because you can acquire permanent resident status under the accelerated procedure upon spending a determined amount on housing. The ceiling price of an adjoining villa depends on your preferences and needs. The price tag of the best villas in Cyprus can reach millions of euros.

Advantages of buying a semi-detached villa

When buying real estate in Cyprus, you get several advantages:

  • it is cheaper than a similar detached villa;
  • optimisation of taxes, because the country has a very mild tax climate and one of the lowest tax rates (only 12.5%);
  • high rate of return on investment — the real estate market and demand for it are growing, which enables getting a good ROI;
  • life in a safe country — the island is the 5th safest place in the world, there is virtually no crime, and even petty theft is rare;
  • high standard of living, as Cyprus is a member of the European Union and Eurozone and is governed by the British legal system, which ensures a high level of life for its residents;
  • obtaining permanent resident status for a real estate purchase of EUR 300,000 or more under the accelerated procedure (from 2 months). Permanent resident status applies to you, your spouse, your children, and your parents. Furthermore, the permanent resident status in Cyprus is also the permanent residency of the European Union with all its advantages. 7 years after obtaining the status, you can become a citizen of Cyprus.

Other types of residential real estate to buy in Cyprus

In addition to adjoining villas, real estate in Cyprus is represented by several types of properties:

  • suites or flats are part of multiunit residential compounds and most often consist of 1 to 3 bedrooms;
  • a townhouse is a multiunit residential building, where each lodging has its own entrance from the street and is joined to the neighbours' housing only by two side walls;
  • a villa is a detached house, that often has 2 floors, with its own territory, private swimming pool, and leisure area.

For investment purposes, in addition to residential real estate, you can also buy commercial real estate, which is represented by a variety of properties on the island, such as hotels, aparthotels, stores, restaurants, offices, hubs, medical centres, etc.

Contact SPM Real Estate and buy real estate in Cyprus to make your dream of a beautiful life come true!

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