Property in Polis: features of the region

Not far from Paphos is a cozy and quiet resort town called Polis. There is always a chamber atmosphere, the streets in the Greek style filled with various cafes and restaurants, and from the windows of the houses, there are beautiful views on one side of the mountains and the other — the Mediterranean Sea. Real estate in Polis combines luxury, comfort, and simplicity. Buying an apartment or villa in Cyprus in this city is attractive for living away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and for investment due to the high ROI.

Features of the town of Polis

Polis is located in the northwestern part of Cyprus and organically complements the nearby Paphos with a small port, a cozy harbor, sand and pebble beaches, and a protected area.

The city is home to only 3,000 locals. Most of the native Cypriots are employed in the tourism industry. However, more and more local residents are foreign investors every year buying real estate in Cyprus in Polis.

What is the attraction of this village? Polis is highly valued by lovers of a quiet life and peaceful tranquility. This is the peculiarity of Cyprus - being extremely popular among tourists, there are still friendly places and settlements on the island. Usually, everyone goes to Limassol, Larnaca, and Ayia Napa. But you can find stunning places if you go away from these cities by only 20-30 kilometers. Cyprus — is not only beaches, sea, and swimming pools, though most people associate the island with beach holidays. But there is also ancient history, fascinating nature, and colorful architecture. To see all this, you must leave the hotel and travel. The island is small, so the road to any attraction will not be extended.

Beaches Polis attract its cleanliness and grooming, and many of them are awarded the Blue Flag — the European award, which is awarded only to the best beaches.

There is also an unusual beach not far from the city that does not have this mark, but it is a must-visit. This is Latchi Beach, in the green sands, where caret turtles lay their eggs. Tourists can see how the little turtles are born and begin their first journey into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This area is protected, so no infrastructure, sun loungers, bars, showers, or entertainment facilities are allowed.

The weather in Polis is the same as in Paphos — in summer, the temperature averages 31-32 degrees, and in winter, it reaches 15-17. If you buy a villa in Cyprus in Polis and live in it, the sun will delight you 330 days a year. Even in winter, the rains are short and sunny days prevail.

Regarding real estate prices in Cyprus, they are much lower in Polis than in Limassol, Nicosia, or Paphos. However, the loyal price does not mean a lack of quality apartments and houses. It is because the town is not yet well known and can offer a chamber atmosphere of living in a quiet and cozy village.

What kind of property can I buy in Cyprus in Polis? It can be apartments in apartment complexes, private houses, or townhouses in the city or out of town. Any housing will be comfortable here, as real estate on the island is built according to the highest quality criteria.

If you want to buy a property in Polis, contact the professionals at SPM Real Estate — we can help you find the best accommodation for you and the most liquid properties if you are buying for commercial purposes.

Residential real estate in Polis: what to choose?

Residential real estate in Polis is:

  • apartments in apartment complexes;
  • comfortable villas and houses with their land;
  • townhouses, combining the freedom of a country house and the comfort of a city apartment.

Buying a house or apartment in Polis will achieve investment goals, as real estate here is profitable and brings an excellent passive income when renting to tourists. The beach season lasts from May to the end of October, and at this time, there is a tremendous demand for vacation rentals.

The price of real estate in Polis: how is it formed?

In Cyprus, the price of real estate is increasing with the factors:

  • on the first coastline, close to the sea and beaches; 
  • large living space and adjacent land;
  • developed internal infrastructure of the complex and includes a variety of services: gym, swimming pool, restaurant, recreation area;
  • highest quality building and finishing materials, builder's expertise;
  • purchase at the stage of the completed project (at the stage of the foundation pit price is minimal).

In addition, in some cities of Cyprus, the price of housing will be many times higher than in others. For example, Limassol is the most expensive. You can buy the same luxury property in Polis with beautiful views, but it will be almost 40% cheaper than Limassol or Nicosia.

If you buy apartments in Polis, you can be sure of the correctness of your investment. SPM Real Estate specialists will help you calculate all the points and optionally build a business model so that you buy the most effective property in Cyprus for further sale or lease.

How will purchasing real estate in Polis benefit you further?

Investment in real estate in Cyprus provides a stable income and quality of life in a European country with an ideal climate, including economic and taxation. By buying property in Polis, you will experience all the benefits of Cyprus:

  • stable economic growth every year;
  • some of the lowest taxes in the European Union (under the IP-box program, IT companies can pay tax at a rate of only 2.5%);
  • high return on investment with an average ROI of 8% per annum;
  • the real estate market has been growing steadily for 3 years in a row, resulting in higher prices and liquidity;
  • high level of security, making Cyprus ranked 5th in the world on this parameter;
  • high standard of living — the country is a member of the European Union, a member of the Eurozone, governed by British law;
  • get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus, because if you buy a property for €300 000 plus VAT, you will get a permanent residence permit in Cyprus on an expedited procedure from 2 months. After 7 years, you can become a citizen of the country.

What other real estate can be purchased in Cyprus?

In addition to residential real estate in Polis, you can purchase efficient commercial real estate in Cyprus, such as shops, offices, coworking spaces, innovative hubs, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants, hotels and apart-hotels, medical clinics, kindergartens, and schools. Depending on your life and business goals, our specialists will help you choose the best real estate for investment. Contact SPM Real Estate and purchase real estate in Cyprus to make your dream of a beautiful life a reality!

Your most valuable contact in Cyprus — SPM Real Estate.

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