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Becoming a Cyprus property owner, you:
Invest your funds with a view to profit

SPM is a Cyprus-based real estate specialist company. Property sales and management is what we do. Each of our projects is based on thorough, objective analysis and aimed at providing the Customer with a marketable investment leading to high returns.

Make money while preserving capital

Country's economy is growing. Cyprus real estate sales increased by 36% in 2018 while cumulative base property valuation increased by 18%.

Become a legal resident of EU/UK

158 countries open their doors for you to travel or live in. You also become entitled to benefits and protections reserved for EU citizens.

Make it easy for your children to attend the best of Europe's private schools

Cyprus offers a unique blend of UK-accredited primary/secondary education and honest pricing.

Optimize your tax payments

The sophisticated Cyprus tax regime, universally acknowledged as one of the world's best, provides many incentives and advantages to qualified Customers. Tax residents pay 0% tax on dividends and between 2.5% and 12.5% corporate tax.

Can settle down and enjoy life in a Mediterranean paradise

340 sunny days a year, clean environment, and a unique climate combine to create a California-like lifestyle, just 3 hours away from the main European capital cities.


Sergey Polivar
Sergey Polivar
Company Founder
Ivan Metelia
Ivan Metelia
Operational Manager
Elena Selifontieva
Elena Selifontieva
Real estate expert
Viktoria Sertel
Viktoria Sertel
Real estate expert
Viktoriia Velichko
Viktoriia Velichko
PR Manager and Comfortable Customer Adaptation Program Leader
Sofiia Iefimova
Sofiia Iefimova
Leader of Rent4You project, a service for arranging vacation in Cyprus
Viacheslav Baltzis
Viacheslav Baltzis
Production Manager

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6 real stories of our Customers

These case studies include no names to protect the Customer’s privacy.

Each SPM customer receives an Adaptation Kit after purchasing a Cyprus property

Маркетинг кит
Private school enrollment – The procedure
Top school rankings
Finding an excellent private hospital
Top hospital rankings
Obtaining quality health insurance – The procedure
Meet other expats (a community of parents, moms, IT professionals)
A list of group activities, games and classes for kids
Best of local restaurants, theaters and events
The many activities Cyprus has to offer
A few ideas for entrepreneurs considering to expand existing business or start a new one in Cyprus
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Purchase real estate to move to Cyprus with residence permit

Many Customers choose to make the island their home and #livebythesea, put their children through a British school, and pay no tax on dividends.

from 300 000 €

Cyprus Passport Programme + 10% ROI

With SPM, you can make SMART real estate investments. For example, you could buy a standalone villa for personal use and an apartment block to make up to 10% rental income, while becoming an EU passport holder.

from 2 mln €

Real Estate as Nucleus of a Business Model

We have a deep understanding of how a real estate-based business should be optimized. Our portfolio includes examples of launching an apart-hotel and successfully bringing it to the tourist market. As an investor of an “apart-hotel” business project, you receive up to 10% returns annually and stand to make substantial profit by selling your operational business.

from 2,5 mln €

Cyprus Lifestyle

This island offers more than just seaside living. You will be waking up to the sun shining and taking a swim in the clean Mediterranean Sea that stays warm enough all year long. You will be spoiling yourself with fresh fruit and marvelling at the breathtaking beauty of Cyprus sunsets. One day in the not-too-distant future, as you leisurely stand on the terrace of your own Cyprus home, you will take a deep breath of fresh air, immerse yourself into the sheer magic of living for a short minute, and realize your dreams have come true. We can’t wait to welcome you on this small island with a big heart!

from 500 000 €